The TMAM-GO Japan Engagement Fund (“the JEF” or “the Fund”), which engages constructively with small and mid-cap Japanese companies through an all Japanese team based in Tokyo, has substantially increased assets under management following excellent investment performance since its launch in March 2012.

Total assets under management for the strategy has increased to JPY51bn (US$424m) as of 30 September 2015, from a JPY6bn starting point in March 2012. Assets have increased by JPY15bn in 2015, including another investment from a Japanese pension fund. Japanese institutional investors now account for around 45% of assets under management.

The Fund’s backing by respected local investment manager Tokio Marine Asset Management is one factor that has attracted both domestic and international investors. Another is the JEF’s distinctive approach. It is not activist, but rather engages with companies in a style that is tailored to Japanese culture. All investee companies will have high quality core businesses but require strategic, financial and governance improvements to realise their full valuation.

Since launch, the JEF has delivered a net return of 156% (30% per annum) to 30 September 2015. It significantly outperformed the small and mid-cap benchmark index (TOPIX 400 Index has returned 19% pa) and the wider market (TOPIX Total Return 17% pa).

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