We are very honoured to announce that The Oklahoma State University Foundation (OSU Foundation) has become an investor in the TMAM-GO Japan Engagement Fund (“the JEF”),  The JEF adopts a culturally effective “Japanese way” of engagement with Japanese companies to improve their valuation by addressing strategic, financial and governance issues that are depressing the share price. 

Ryan Tidwell, CIO, OSU Foundation said:

“OSU Foundation is delighted to make this investment. The fund’s compelling strategy to deliver returns by acting as a catalyst for long-term corporate change and by encouraging sustainable growth aligns with our long-term investment horizon and our commitment to promoting good governance and sustainable business practices worldwide”.

Paola Perotti, CEO, GO said:

“The backing of OSU Foundation is a powerful endorsement of our constructive and discreet approach to improving companies and we are delighted to have them as a new investor in our Fund”.

Further information on OSU Foundation can be found at www.osugiving.com