Our investors benefit from our wealth of expertise and experience in Japan and our disciplined investment approach.

Investment Team

Yoshi Maeda

Director of Responsible Investment

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Kenichi Kubo

Head of Investment Research – JEF

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Management and Support

Kodorul Amin

Finance and Operations Director

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Corin Ashleigh Brown

Office Manager and Marketing Co-ordinator

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George Bashforth

Director – The TMAM-GO Japan Engagement Master Fund (JEF) LTD

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Steve Brown

Deputy Chairman & Founder Partner GO and Chairman of Investment Council for TMAM-GO JEF

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Kai Wai Cheang

Assistant Manager (Operation and Performance Reporting)

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James Han

Partner – Head of Marketing

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Frank Johnson

Non-executive Director and acting Chairman, GO

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Toshi Oguchi

Representative Director of Governance for Owners Japan KK

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Tim Sweeting

Director – The TMAM-GO Japan Engagement Master Fund (JEF) LTD

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Eric Tracey

Non-executive Director, GO

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Investment Philosophy & Strategy

Investment Philosophy

We strive to deliver superior and sustainable returns for our clients while maintaining a prudent level of risk.  

Our experience has shown that companies with actively involved share owners perform better over the long-term. We also believe that a constructive “Japanese way” of engaging is much more effective over the long-term than a more aggressive, short-term approach.

We deliver returns by acting as a catalyst for long-term corporate change and by encouraging sustainable growth. Both actions will unlock the underlying value in a portfolio company.  We do this by engaging constructively with Japanese companies mainly by acting as a trusted executive sounding board for the executive management and the board of directors.

Responsible Investment

GO Investment Partners aims to add significant long term value for our clients. We believe that seeking high standards of corporate responsibility in the companies in which we invest will enhance investment returns.

GO Investment Partners was one of the first signatories to the UN Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI) convention in February 2006. You can read about  our approach to responsible Investment in Go Investment Partners – Statement on Responsible Investment and our updated Environmental Policy can be found here: GO Investment Partners – Environmental Policy.

GO Investment Partners also believes that investor stewardship is a key component of good governance and is committed to exercising this responsibility. Our approach to voting is outlined in our JEF Voting Policy.

The TMAM-GO Japan Engagement Fund voting history.

Investment Strategy

We manage a portfolio of 10-15 core stocks, which must have the following characteristics:

  • Strong core business(es) and decent growth potential (ultimately EPS growth)
  • Substantial upside from investment and engagement
  • Open-minded executive management who have strong leadership and willingness to grow and improve their businesses.
  • A clear corporate change agenda that we can influence and is within the management’s control to deliver

We are committed to thorough, sound and informed  analysis of each company we add to our portfolio.

Our Investment team has access to the skills and insights of our Investment Council that meets quarterly to review and discuss the portfolio.  The Investment Council formally brings together experienced investors within GO and TMAM to advise and challenge the existing investment team, who maintain overall responsibility for client portfolios.  This enables us to make well informed investment decisions and enhance the overall investment results we deliver to our clients.

The investment team is  also able to draw upon the outside expertise and counsel of our six member Advisory Board.

Investment Vehicles

Currently, we operate two commingled funds (a UK Limited Partnership and a Cayman Islands Master/Feeder) and 4 managed accounts in Japan.