GO Japan’s flagship product is the Japan Engagement Consortium (JEC) launched in 2009.

The JEC provides a collaborative service that engages with the boards and management teams of major Japanese public companies. These companies are chosen from our client’s equity portfolios. Clients retain full control over their investments but can engage with the powerful collective voice of the Consortium. There is a clear agenda – to drive change that improves each company’s long term returns.  This is done by addressing strategic, financial and ESG issues at each company. Membership of the Consortium also meets clients’ engagement obligations as signatories of the Japan Stewardship Code and the UN Principles for Responsible Investment.(PRI).

The JEC is not an investment fund; its focus is on enhancing and protecting the value of its clients’ investments.

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Japan Stewardship Code

Japan’s Stewardship code, established in August 2013, is designed to promote sustainable growth of companies through investment and dialogue. GO Japan strongly supports the introduction of the Japan’s Stewardship Code and we are delighted to publicly disclose our acceptance of the Code.

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Our Representative Director (GOJ), Toshi Oguchi, is a member of the panel chosen by the government to develop the Japan Stewardship Code and ITO Review.  Toshi continues to be at the forefront of corporate governance and stewardship developments in Japan. In September 2015, he was appointed as one of 16 experts of the newly established “Council of Experts Concerning the Follow-up of Japan’s Stewardship Code and Japan’s Corporate Governance Code”, formed by Japan’s Financial Services Authority and the Tokyo Stock Exchange. Please click here to find out more about the new Council.

  •  Toshi Oguchi Toshi Oguchi
    Representative Director
    (GO Partner)

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