Governance for Owners Japan (GO Japan) is very honoured to announce that Amiral Gestion, a French independent asset management company with more than EUR 3.8 billion AUM, has appointed GO Japan to provide engagement services in Japan. GO Japan has been providing services focused on a Japanese way of engagement for like-minded responsible global investors since 2017.

Julien Lepage, Managing Director, Amiral Gestion said:

“Amiral Gestion has been investing in Japan for 7 years, especially in the small and mid-cap space. With GO Japan, we will now be able to engage constructively with local managements to improve their transparency, financial performance and generally speaking their positive contribution to society. This will build on our longstanding experience of constructive engagement with French, and increasingly European, small and mid-caps.”

Toshiaki Oguchi, Representative Director, GO Japan said:

“GO Japan welcomes our first ever French client following those from UK, Japan, Sweden, the Netherlands and USA. We believe that our constructive and discreet engagement services will add value to their Japanese portfolios.”

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